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Exploring The Effect Our Minds Have On Machines


By James Donahue

Oct. 27, 2005


A team of researchers at Princeton University has been involved in experiments bordering on the occult since 1979.


The team for Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research program is attempting to measure the effect of human consciousness on the machines we operate, drive and fly.


The project, supported mostly by private funding from people like James S. McDonnell (founder of what was McDonnell Douglas), Laurance Rockefeller and John Fetzer, utilizes random event generators to determine how much of an impact stress or personal emotions have on the machines we are operating.


The research is designed to determine whether stress for fighter pilots or drivers in heavy traffic can affect the way sensitive electrical systems that operate the machines behave.


The research is something like trying to determine what kind of energy is needed to make telekinesis work. Never mind determining if there is even such a thing as telekinesis. That Uri Geller appears to be able to bend spoons with his mind may or may not be an illusion.


What is peculiar is that this research has been going on for 26 years without any measurable result. After several million trials the researchers have reportedly detecting small but “statistically significant” signs that minds “may be able to interact with machines.”


The irony is that the program, led by Princeton professor emeritus Robert Jahn, former dean of the university’s engineering school, continues after so many years and without more data than has been collected.


The so-called random event generator is a type of computer that spews out volumes of data. It was designed by an undergraduate student working on a doctoral thesis in physics. Jahn said he got intrigued by the idea of using the device to measure the effect of minds on machines and opened the lab. Thus he has apparently dedicated the rest of his life to a study that seems to be leading nowhere.


It might have saved Princeton, Jahn and everybody else a lot of time and money if they had contacted Psychic Aaron C. Donahue and just asked the question.


Donahue says the concept of mind over matter is unnatural. While many psychics like Geller have professed to be able to move furniture and bend spoons with mere thought, Donahue says it is mostly illusion.


He says there are instances where humans can make hanging lights and other objects move by thought. But he says nature does not waste energy. A man was not designed by nature to unscrew a light bulb with his mind when he can do it easily with his fingers. Humans were designed to evolve to a point where we can communicate telepathically with one another and with other creatures.


So much for the pilot involved in a fast-moving dogfight in the sky. While under great stress, his mind is having very little, if any, effect on the instruments he is using while flying the aircraft and trying to kill the enemy before the enemy kills him.


In personal experiments at making things move, my wife and I found that it took several minutes of strong mental concentration to make a hanging light swing over our heads. The pilot, or the vehicle operator involved in a sudden crisis situation, probably would not have time to mentally impact the machine in the mere seconds that decisions are made.

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