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Aaron Today: Casting Out The Guardian Angel


By James Donahue

Oct. 23, 2005


Psychic/Magickian Aaron C. Donahue will be lecturing today about the black arts of Magick and Maat and teaching listeners how to cast out their “holy guardian angels.”


You will not want to miss this important Voice of Lucifer Internet radio broadcast by Donahue and his sister, Jennifer Sharpe.


Donahue began instructing listeners last week on the principles of black magick in preparation for an assault on the angelic energies now controlling governments on Earth.


He said he wants to teach people how to seek out and kill angels. Angels, Donahue says, are deceivers that have been controlling the minds of mankind for thousands of years. They have been the “gods” that men have been bowing down to. They have prevented the expected spiritual and mental development of mankind and now are on the brink of leading the world into nuclear war.


He says he wants radio listeners to help him change things before we destroy our planet and the human race goes extinct.


In comments on his website, Donahue today notes that he is starting with the basics of magick “in order that the majority who participate are not harmed. This is the way in which we charpen our swords, quicken our minds and prepare for the destruction of angels.”


He warns that “children” or the novice in the arts should never perform black magick without careful training and supervision.


Other topics on today’s radio agenda include:


--Recognizing the beauty of angels


--Love not thy angel.


--Human preparations for death, extinction and permanence.


Aaron can be heard each Sunday on starting at 3 p.m. Pacific and 6 p.m. Eastern Time. Shows are archived for free downloads for our European friends who have jobs and cannot stay up all night.



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