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Scottish Author Has His Finger On Real Human Origins


By James Donahue

October 2005


It was exciting to read a recent story in The Scotsman about author and lecturer Graham Hancock who spent years researching human origins with an open mind.


In an interview with writer Anna Smyth, Graham explains theories of alien contact with the help of a host of natural mind-altering drugs found in plants growing all over the Earth.


He says he believes these drugs bring users into not only an altered state of consciousness, but actually propel them spiritually into parallel universes where they have face-to-face contact with other life forms.


Graham believes these drugs and the alien contact they brought about, had a lot to do with the sudden advancement of the human race some 40,000 years ago. That was a time when primitive humanoids began drawing pictures of animals on the walls of caves.


In the interview, Graham said the artwork on the cave walls was the thing that marked the point where humans became suddenly different from the apes. “I found that it wasn’t the use of tools, as many people believe, but abstract thought and the ability to manipulate symbols.”


He says the cave paintings and writings that depict thought and visions are unique only to modern humans. Primitive humanoids used tools and even showed signs of societal living including the burial of the dead. But there is no sign that they could create signs and symbols in the form of art.


Something mysterious happened to propel the humanoid into what he is today. This is what Graham has been searching for.


“Previously we were very uncreative and boring. We used the same tools continually without modifying them. Then, suddenly, a light switched on in our brain. Fossils from 40,000 years ago show that we began to explore spirituality, looked for signs of life after death, and innovated specialized tools. And we began to paint. In France, Italy and South Africa and all over the world, they’ve discovered incredibly accomplished paintings, but no explanation for this burst of development,” Graham said.


He said other academics share his opinion that hallucinogenic plants, like magic mushrooms, introduced early humanoids to alien encounters that had a profound impact on them. The drugs opened their minds to spiritual and creative thought.


Graham believes that when shamans and drug users then and still today experience these hallucinations, they are actually observing a parallel universe. “The visions –be they of fairies, elves or aliens – are real, they exist all the time, and they want to communicate with us,” the story said.


“Think of it as thought the brain is like a TV receiver. In order to cope with everyday life, we have to tune into ‘Channel Normal’ for the majority of the time. But if we retune our brains with these drugs, or alter our state of consciousness through rhythmic dancing and drums, we can see images of the parallel dimensions.”


Oh my, how close Graham has gotten to the true story. While it is true, the altered state of consciousness, brought on by the drugs, open our third eye and allow us to see that parallel world beyond the veil, there is more to the story.


And it is also true that aliens have had a lot to do with the sudden explosion of creative humans some 40,000 years ago. But again, there is more to this story.


What Graham overlooks is that there also had to be some changes made in the genetic structure of the humanoids to make it possible for man to no longer be bound by the rules of nature.


All creatures from the Mother Earth are bound by those rules. They can do nothing to alter or destroy the environment from which they spring. Humans, on the other hand, can reason, create, and go far beyond these bounds set for the other earth creatures. We have always possessed the capability of destroying our own world. This is why we have had a covenant with our creator. This covenant was a strict promise that we would protect and love the Mother.


The creator, of course, was Lucifer, who visited our planet and planted his DNA in us. It is the thing that made us unique. It is the soul of Lucifer that burns in every human.


It was Lucifer who made this covenant with us. That humans have broken the covenant and now threaten to kill the Earth, is the bane that we all share today. As our planet dies under our feet, it is unleashing storms and plagues that will destroy us by the millions. The destruction only promises to worsen with each passing month and year.


This is why psychic and prophet Aaron C. Donahue is organizing the Luciferian Order. He is attempting to get enough people to listen to this warning and act collectively to do something to reverse this insanity before we all go extinct.

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