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Mute Screams

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Screams From Beyond The Veil


By James Donahue

Oct. 10, 2005


“This is not a good time to die,” Aaron C. Donahue told his Voice of Lucifer Internet radio listeners Sunday.


Donahue said he has been dead and understands what it is like. He said in death “you have no lips and you don’t have a voice” so there is no way to communicate what you know.


Yet at the moment of death, Donahue said there is an “awakening” that everyone experiences. Suddenly the veil is lifted and they understand not only the error of their life, but what lies ahead for those left behind.


This is why there are so many reports of people dying what are described as “horrible deaths.” They go out screaming, moaning or crying out as death overtakes them.


It is as if there is that moment, right at death, when the dying finally know and see the truth. They make a frantic effort to sound a warning but it is too late. All that emerges is a groan, a scream, or perhaps a cry and they are gone.


To us it appears as if they are witnessing the gates of Hell. And for them, perhaps they are.


Not that there is such a place. But for that horrible moment they see the truth and they know their fate if those of us still alive don’t alter the course we have set for the human race.


If the Earth dies, the soul that is Lucifer is removed, and the recorded memory of who we were will be erased for ever. It will be a second death. It will be as if we never were, Donahue warns.


For those who die, they find themselves stuck in the moment. They relive the horror of that moment over and over again. Try as they might to communicate, it is impossible. Yet for us, there is a grasp of their pain.


“Not only are we seeing a lot of people with the pall of death, we are hearing voices in the fans, in motors, or in places where we are hearing white sound. These are like recordings of people frantically trying to communicate something.”


Donahue said he has the recording of what sounds clearly like a man’s voice at the moment of death. He is saying “no . . . no . . . no . . it’s too late,” in a voice expressing his panic.


Donahue said that because he is a prophet as well as a psychic, he can see the future and he understands why dying people are behaving this way. He said he was not about to give his listeners a vision, however. “You do not want to know your future,” he said.


He said there is a sense that a growing number of people are aware of this moaning and groaning coming from the other side, even though we cannot hear it. “It is making us uncomfortable. There is a growing awareness that something is wrong. Many people are dying with expressions of absolute terror on their faces. What is this? I know,” Donahue said.


He said the solution for mankind is simple at this late hour.


“You need to stand up for Lucifer. You need to have a spine and let everybody know where you stand.”


If the angels win this war and the church brings the human race down with it, we are all doomed to extinction. This is the warning. This is what the dead are trying to tell us. But they have no lips. They have no voice.


Aaron has become their spokesman and few are listening.

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