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Aaron Today: H5N1 As The Salvation Of Our World


By James Donahue

Oct. 9, 2005


As world scientists and leaders scramble to deal with the looming killing tide locked within the deadly avian flu, Luciferian spokesman and psychic Aaron C. Donahue is calling the virus a blessing from the Mother Earth.


He says he foresees this disease and a host of other pandemics to follow as a solution to the world’s overpopulation and subsequent pollution that is killing the planet and driving all living creatures, including humans, to extinction.


This is why today’s Internet Voice of Lucifer radio show is going to be an important one to hear. Expect Donahue to have a lot to say about the virus and instructions for Luciferians to survive what looms just over the horizon.


Radio host Dragon Kloud writes in Donahue’s website today:


“This Sunday’s show is going to blow you away! There is nowhere else in this world where you will find this information! Who do you know that can tell you week after week, with 100 percent accuracy, what the future holds for us?


“ACD is the real deal,” Dragon Kloud continues. “Anyone who is waiting for proof, I am afraid that it may be too late for you. Your death will be proof perhaps.”


Donahue’s list of topics today:


--Red Cloak, Blood, and the Human Killing Tide.


--Calling forth Earth’s great blessing.


--H5N1 as the salvation of our world


--Accessing non-historical systems of information as the key to survival.


--Third Order’s High Priest and possible contact with Lucifer.


As an added bonus, Donahue says he may also call upon his chaos magickians to assist him in placing a curse on a specific target as an experiment. “If this is to be, I would like to document the result,” he writes.


Indeed, where have you ever found a “scientific” experiment involving the black arts that tests their effectiveness?


You will not want to miss today’s show. All Voice of Lucifer shows begin at 3 p.m. Pacific and 6 p.m. Eastern Time in the US. Go to to listen live. All shows are archived for later downloads without charge.

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