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Aaron Foresaw Killer H5N1 Eight Years Ago


By James Donahue

Oct. 3, 2005


Psychic and Prophet Aaron C. Donahue said he had a glimpse and even caught the name of a killer pandemic that would be sweeping the world as early as 1997 but could not get anybody to listen.


Donahue told his Voice of Lucifer Internet radio audience Sunday that he dressed in a white hazmat suit and painted the name H5N1 across the back in large letters as a Halloween costume that fall while living in Glendale, Arizona.


He said the outfit “spooked” a lot of the people that saw it because he thought they saw the truth in his warning on a subconscious level.


Donahue said he managed to get one newspaper to print a story with his warning in about 2000. Other than the stories posted on this website, and Donahue’s own site, and his verbal warnings on Coast-to-Coast radio, nobody got interested in what now is known as the “bird flu” until quite recently.


Now national television stations and newspapers around the world are posting stories about the eminent threat of this potential pandemic that is sweeping Southeast Asia and moving westward across Russia.


He said psychics issue warnings to society of potential catastrophic events so that people can choose what they wish to do about them. 


As an example, people who had dreams or premonitions about the Titanic sinking on its celebrated maiden voyage cancelled plans to board the ship and lived. But President Abraham Lincoln ignored a dream of his impending death and went to the Ford Theater anyway.


The H5N1 virus was isolated for the first time in the spring of 1997 from a human patient in Hong Kong. It infected 18 people who had close contact with poultry and six of these patients died. Health authorities ordered the slaughter of the entire chicken population in the area to halt any further outbreak.


The virus did not reappear again until February, 2003, again in Hong Kong. This time two people contracted the disease and one of them died. By the following winter there were cases of H5N1 virus reported in South Korea, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam. It has been spreading since then throughout Indonesia and northward across China and into Russia.


An estimated 60 people have died from this disease.


Health experts believe the virus has mutated so that it is jumping species from birds to various animals, including humans. They say they may have had a few cases, especially recently in Indonesia, where it has jumped from human to human.


The World Health Organization now says it is no longer a case of “if,” but “when” the virus breaks out into a world-wide pandemic.


When it happens, the mortality rate is calculated at over 50 percent. Its victims will mostly be people with compromised immune systems, the young and the elderly.


Symptoms of bird flu in humans have ranged from typical flu-like symptoms, including fever, cough, sore throat and muscle aches, to eye infections, pneumonia, severe respiratory distress and other severe life-threatening complications.



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