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Aaron Today: The Secret Of Yeh-lu Chu’tsai


By James Donahue

Oct. 2, 2005


Psychic and prophet Aaron C. Donahue will talk to his radio audience today about the “red-cloaked” being known in native and even Christian mythology for centuries.


Known as Huk-tuk-tu in Native American lore, and Satan in Christian mythology, Donahue says this character, always cloaked in red, has its roots in a real person named Yeh-lu Chu’tsai, a magickian and psychic who served as a spiritual advisor to 13th Century Mongolian Emperor Chingis Khan.


What Donahue has to say about this amazing man, and his impact on current events, will be among the highlights of today’s Internet Voice of Lucifer radio show. Appearing each week with Donahue is his psychic sister, Jennifer Sharpe.


Also on the agenda today, Donahue and Sharpe will be updating news on the H5N1 virus. On his blog page today Donahue notes that he has confirmation that this virus has successfully mutated, which may mean that it now has the capability of jumping from human to human. This could mean that a world pandemic of this killer disease is about to be sprung.


Other topics listed:


--Recognizing the prophetic mind.


--The miraculous life for all.


--Accessing highly probable futures.


You will not want to miss this important show scheduled to start at 3 p.m. Pacific, 6 p.m. Eastern Time. To hear it go to All programs are archived for future downloads without charge.


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