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The Parents Who Ran Off On Their Son


By James Donahue

September 2005


I watched something incredible in our neighborhood the other day. We caught a young lad not much older than 16 in an act of vandalism on our property. When I attempted to approach the boy’s father to talk about it, the man refused to come out of the house.


Instead of the father, the young vandal met me at the door. I asked him to bring his father to the door.


The youth walked from the front porch into the house and was gone about five minutes. When he returned he said his father was not going to come to the door. I asked why not and the boy said he was asleep.


“Go wake him up,” I demanded.


“No,” he said.


“Either you wake him and bring him to the door, or I will call the police and they will make him come to the door,” I said.


I told the youth that I did not want to get the police involved. I said I thought this was something we could get straightened out among ourselves and that all I wanted to do was to discuss it with his father.


The boy said he would not get either his father or his mother to come to the door and talk to me. I said I would have no choice then but to contact the police.


“Go for it,” he said with a smirk.


I called the police.  While sitting in my front yard waiting for their arrival, I watched in dismay as this boy’s parents suddenly ran out of their the house, got in their car and drive off, leaving the boy alone to deal with the consequences.


I found it impossible to believe any parent would do such a thing. Yet there it was, right before my eyes.


Now this man is a professor in a nearby university. He is supposed to be a well-respected pillar in our community. Yet he did not have the courage to face either me, or a local police officer after his boy got involved in a petty act of vandalism.


Had the man faced me, my plan was to simply tell him what happened, and ask him to deal with it. I had no intention of getting the police involved. To me, it wasn’t that big an issue. I felt a young man’s reputation in the community was more important than giving him a police record.


Thanks to the father’s cowardliness, the matter now has gone on a police log. The next time this young man commits a criminal act, and with parents like that I believe he will do it, he will be remembered. The district judge, who also lives in our neighborhood, may not go too lightly when the youth comes before his bench.


After seeing the behavior of these people, I think I agree with our son, Aaron C. Donahue. There is something seriously wrong with the human race. The angelic possession is causing people to behave in strange and nonsensical ways.


The old way of life I once knew seems to be gone. I now live in a world of strangers that do not belong in the places where I prefer to tred.


If we can’t bring about an awakening soon, perhaps it is best that all of mankind gets flushed.

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