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Mother Earth Is On The Attack


By James Donahue

Sept. 22, 2005


As we watch Hurricane Rita build in strength in the Gulf of Mexico this week, and poise to strike somewhere along the Texas-Louisiana Coast with winds already clocked at up to 225 miles an hour, we can’t help but think that this is a form of justice that is long overdue.


This storm, the second volley of this magnitude within a month, seems amazingly intelligent in its design. While Hurricane Katrina zipped around the tip of Florida and then jigged northward into Louisiana and Mississippi, Rita is heading straight northwest to take out the rest of the U.S. Gulf Coastline. It is going to finish the job.


What is there?


We have a massive interest in crude oil and natural gas in the Gulf of Mexico and along that coast. Many of our oil refineries are located there. In the gulf are 819 staffed production platforms and 137 drilling rigs that are producing 1.37 million barrels of crude oil, a major part of the oil produced within the United States.


After Katrina, the price of oil and natural gas soared to unheard of levels because supplies were greatly reduced. After Rita, expect a national disaster as winter looms and heating oil and gas prices rocket so high, and supplies dwindle to a level where many people will be unable to heat their homes.


Why do we call this justice?  It is because America has been built on an economy that hinges on cheap oil. This is an energy consuming nation. This is what our war in Iraq is all about. It is why the Bush Administration has been trying to justify an attack on Iran and possibly some of the other oil rich Middle Eastern nations. That is where the oil is.


The United States is not the only nation in the world that wants control of the oil. China and some of the other industrialized nations of the world have been jockeying for a grasp of some of that Middle Eastern oil as world oil supplies peak and the demand for energy grow around the planet.


A world war has almost been assured.


This grossly overpopulated world appears today like a maggot-infested ball, with billions of squirming bodies all battling over what is left of the planet’s natural resources, including not only the oil but the water, the land and the lumber. While we are looking down at the material things, we have not noticed, or perhaps have not cared, that the air is getting so polluted that it is making us sick, and the oceans are so toxic the sea life is dying.


In short, our planet is dying. If we let it happen, we are all bound for extinction.


But the Mother Earth, from where we sprang, is not dead yet. And she is finally showing us her power in the storms that now are beginning to ravage the land.


Not only are massive hurricanes hammering the United States, super Typhoons are coming ashore from the Pacific, taking their toll in Japan, Taiwan and China. Big storms with tornadoes and straight line winds of over 100 miles an hour are sweeping the landscape.


These are but the beginning of the troubles an angry Mother is capable of dishing out. She also can generate her wrath in the form of volcanism, earthquakes and disease. Can we expect this as well? You bet we can.


The human race deserves what is about to come down on its head.


We have forgotten who we were. We have forgotten our covenant to love and protect the Mother. We let religion cloud our minds. We put a blundering oaf in the White House who has no love for the environment. The Bush Administration is busy stripping all of the nation’s environmental protection laws even as I write this. It wants to give industry free reign on dumping its deadly gasses and toxic waste in the air, land and water.


Now comes the judgment.


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