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Aaron: In The Wake Of Hurricane Katrina


By James Donahue

Sept. 4, 2005


Psychic Aaron C. Donahue’s lecture today will be directly related to the events occurring this week on the Gulf Coast following the destructive strike one week ago by the most destructive hurricane ever to strike the United States.


What Donahue has to say, however, may not be comforting to most Americans. He predicts more disasters like Katrina to come.


His topics include: “What you must now know of the Earth,” and “Ecological indifference and worldwide institutional failure.”


Donahue also will be giving more insight on the archangel Gabriel, whom he said has “crossed over” from the angelic realm to Lucifer’s side, and his agenda includes some discussion of “the meaning of 666.”


If you remember, Donahue predicted weeks if not months ago that by January 1, 2006, the United States will see clear signs of a collapsing economic system. He is expected to remind listeners of this prediction, and relate present happenings to events still lying ahead before the end of the year.


Last but not least among his topics for today as an update on “Contact” with Lucifer.


Among his personal comments posted on his weblog, Donahue writes:


“As our planet continues to die, the spiritual mind must quickly evolve. The information that you will need to survive a most troubling future will be made available according to the unfolding of key world events.”


This will be an important show with Donahue and his sister, Jennifer Sharpe, who will be his host for the day.


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