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After The Plagues – A Renaissance?


By James Donahue

Aug. 29, 2005


If Psychic Aaron C. Donahue’s predictions of a world swept by deadly new strains of bacteria, virus and fungus are correct, once the dying is over, does a new renaissance lie in the future?


Donahue told his Voice of Lucifer Internet radio audience Sunday that he believes a new renaissance is very possible, if the death of the planet doesn’t occur too soon.


After the black death that killed from 50 to 75 percent of the population of Europe between 1360 and the early 1600s, there was a strong reverence for life by the survivors, Donahue said. This sparked the great Renaissance, a period of wonderful creativity by artists, poets, writers, musicians and craftsmen during a time remembered as the Elizabethan Period.


Among the works to emerge from that time were the writings of Shakespeare, the Baroque art of Rembrandt, a revival of music and dance, the creative designs in furniture and dress, and even new explorations of the world by such adventuresome sailors as Sir Francis Drake.


Donahue said he foresees another terrible time of death and despair as the world is ravaged by storms and volcanism, crops are lost, and disease sweeps towns and townships. When it is over, he said he believes 5.3 billion humans may be dead.


He said this dark period is being unleashed on the world in one dark time. This involves the opening of the Sixth and Seventh Seals, as foretold in the Book of the Revelation. “There is nothing that says the two seals won’t be opened at the same time,” he said.


He said it will be important for listeners to acquire his first booklet, the lecture on Enhancing the Immune System to build a natural resistance to the diseases that are coming.


“I am seeing key world events,” Donahue said. “I have already revealed the first of them, the fate of Mabus. We have established that Mabus is Saddam Hussein,” he said.


He said the booklets are all keys to surviving the looming horrors. They will all be released at key times so they will help people get through the world judgments and come out of it all alive.


“Great things will emerge when it is over. You want to be here to enjoy the New Renaissance,” Donahue said.


His first book will be issued on Sept. 11. To order, watch Aaron’s websites and this website for instructions and prices. The booklets will all be offered for under $10 so everybody can afford them.

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