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Burning Man Gathering A Sign Of Growing Occult Interest


By James Donahue

August 2005


Since its origins in 1996 Nevada’s annual Burning Man gathering has been growing to the point that it has developed a “Woodstock” quality in terms of the volume of young people that attend.


No stages with loud rock bands performing in this desert setting. Instead the gathering includes magickians, sorcerers, witches, Satanists, shamans and pagans, all bringing with them their esoteric crafts.


The crowds that number an estimated 25,000 to 30,000 perform their own brands of sacred music and dance. There are clairvoyance, psychic and tarot readings, chakra, witchcraft, tattooing, body piercing, shamanism, transcendent techniques and lectures about paganism.


The week-long festival in the Black Rock Desert concludes with the burning of a 40-foot tall effigy, symbolizing a “spirit cave man.”


The sudden interest in this event, which draws youth from all over the world, has alarmed many members of the older set who fail to understand the way the new generation of youth is being summoned away from the old system of stern religiosity and into the new eon of Lucifer.


Writer Thomas Horn, in a report for Cutting Edge, described “the spirit of the occult” as “an insidious cancer – unseen, patient, deadly – it has grown. Indications of its presence have been felt occasionally, and confirmations of its activity have been documented . . . “


Horn correctly reports: “as we approach the culmination of the ‘new order of the ages,’ cult experts forecast a continuing revival of such mysticism. While church attendance continues to decline across the United States and Britain, adherents of the occult expand their ‘services’ to meet the desires and mystical interests of a spiritually hungry world.”


Strange that as much as he personally reflects his own fears of the new spiritual movement, Horn correctly notes that we are in a “spiritually hungry world” that is turning to new paths.


What he fails to see is that the church age has ended. That 2000-year-old system was only supposed to be a step in a spiritual ladder for humanity. It was not supposed to linger for so long, becoming a fear-based road block prohibiting any further progress.


Instead of staying on the path toward spiritual evolution, humanity has been penned-in, bowing in worship of an external creator that does not exist. Few have thought to look within to find the divinity that exists in us.


This is the exciting new promise that is attracting the youth today. They are discovering the real spiritual power of the Mother Earth and their own minds. They are learning that natural magick really brings results. They are following the shaman and going within themselves, discovering the light that has always been there.


It is the light of Lucifer, the real creator, the progenitor of the human race.


It is time now for the awakening. The youth of the world are hearing the call and are attracted to it. The question is, will they go far enough this time, or will they do what the hippies of the 60s did after they captured glimpses of reality with the help of LSD? The hippies are now the old ones in charge of things. And they have sold us out.


It is because of their new laws that the LSD has been taken away from the youth. So has marijuana, and all of the other natural mind expanding substances that come from the Earth. Now the teachings are harder. The shamans must rely on pure magick to convince people that Lucifer is not a devil, and that angels are the bad guys within the system.


Emerging from within the heart of this chaotic interest in occultism is psychic/magickian Aaron C. Donahue, who is teaching a bright new concept of the Luciferian Order every Sunday afternoon on his Internet Voice of Lucifer radio show.


Donahue is putting all of the pieces of this amazing puzzle together into one astounding picture of simplistic order. He is fighting every week to get his message out. He has been banned from all public media so has had to resort to the Internet. But he is finally being heard. And his listeners are growing in number.


You can hear Donahue every Sunday at 3 p.m. Pacific Time, and 6 p.m. Eastern by going to Nearly all of his shows have been archived since the show began in April. They can be downloaded at no cost.



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