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Are Earth Energy Spikes Shutting Off Aircraft In Flight?


By James Donahue

August 2005


Have you noticed the unexplained airplane crashes occurring all over the world in recent weeks?


There was the Colombian airliner flying from Panama to the Caribbean island of Martinique that crashed Aug. 16 in the remote mountains of Venezuela taking 160 lives. The pilot reported engine trouble and then all communications stopped.


Off the coast of Sicily on Aug. 6 a Tunisian passenger plane ditched in the Mediterranean after the pilot reported engine trouble. At least five of the 39 people on board were killed.


Among the biggest mysteries is the Aug. 14 crash of a Helios Airways Boeing 737, flying last week from Larnaca, Cyprus, to Athens, Greece. The pilot reported problems with the air conditioning system and then the aircraft went silent. Before it crashed into a mountain killing all 121 people on board, jet pilots flying along side the aircraft reported the pilot not visible in the cockpit and the copilot apparently unconscious or dead at the controls..


On July 21 a military craft for the Indonesian Air Force experienced engine failure while approaching a runway at Lhokseumawe, Indonesia, veered off the runway and crashed. Three crew members died.


Sixty people died when an airliner flying from Malabala to Bata crashed into the jungles of Guinea shortly after taking off from Malabala. One witness said he saw flames coming from the side of the plane just after it took off.


These are the most recent of a long line of aircraft mishaps that have been causing planes to literally drop out of the sky. There may have been numerous others involving small planes. What is going on?


A few years ago I wrote a story following a similar round of unexplained aircraft disasters that are still being debated to this day. They involved EgyptAir Flight 990 and the death of 217 passengers just off Long Island. It happened in about the same place that TWA’s infamous Flight 800 went down in 1996 and John Kennedy’s private plane crashed.


Then there was the strange case of the Lear Jet carrying famed golf pro Payne Stewart that flew unchecked off into the wild until its engines shut down and the plane crashed.


At the time we offered a theory that something was causing these aircraft to “turn off” in mid-flight and leave their pilots and passengers screaming in the dark as they fell to the earth. We also suggested that something happened to the controls or the ventilation system, causing everyone on board to go unconscious and the aircraft flew on autopilot until fuel ran out.


The evidence suggests that something extraordinary is causing these state-of-the-art “solid state” machines to fail in mid-flight. Psychic Aaron C. Donahue says the planes are flying into unexpected energy spikes rising up out of the Earth.


This writer is not that knowledgeable in physics and electrical energy, but Donahue’s idea sounds plausible.


While I may not be completely correct, the theory as I understand it goes something like this: Ever since Nikola Tesla invented alternating current and made the transmission of electric energy down a copper wire possible, the world has developed a colossal appetite for power. The population of the world was at an estimated 2.5 billion people in Tesla’s day. Now it has exploded to more than 6 billion and the numbers are growing expeditiously.


As the numbers increase, so does the world’s demand for housing. Except in the undeveloped countries, every new house has electric power connected to it. Every new business and every new factory operates on electric energy. Every time a new building is charged with electricity, there is a wired metal rod driven into the ground somewhere near the foundation. This rod creates a “ground” or connection into the Earth, thus completing the electrical circuit.


We tend to think of these grounding rods as a silent, non-working part of the electrical circuit. We can touch them without getting a shock. It is there in case of an electrical short, or a bolt of lightening strikes the house. Its purpose is to lead the destructive force of the extra energy away from the house and into the ground.


I don’t understand the science behind this, but some people say that the grounding rod always carries a small but constant charge of energy that passes into the ground. A similar charge moves down a telephone wire. Lightning rods on buildings are connected to copper wires that connect to the ground. All electric transformers and power generators are grounded. Magickians and witches practice their arts after first mentally grounding themselves to the Earth.


The point to this is that collectively, all of this human activity has charged the planet with electrical energy. This energy input is on the increase. Everything in the world has an electrical frequency. Our brains are pure electrical energy. The Earth has an electrical charge. There are positive and negative charges at the poles, thus the planet operates like a giant magnet. This is why a compass always points north when you are standing somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere.


The normal base frequency for the Earth used to be somewhere between 7.3 and 7.4 hertz. A hertz is a means of measuring electrical energy. Because of all the grounding rods sending electrical charges into the Earth, all of the radio and television transmissions, and all of the other human activity, the base frequency is rising. When it reaches a certain point the Earth will no longer work as a suitable ground. At that point, we will no longer be able to transmit electric power down a wire from a generating plant into our homes. Tesla’s alternating current won’t work and we will have to find another energy source or go back to candles.


Donahue says the Earth is a large capacitor that is becoming over-charged. The energy is beginning to shoot back out into space in super but invisible spikes. Think of the capacitor as a large balloon filled to its capacity with air, with still more air being pumped into it. Eventually the balloon is going to break open at its weakest point and the air will shoot out with a violent and explosive force. In the case of the Earth, the excess energy is spiking outward.


When an aircraft accidentally collides with one of these energy spikes, there is a reaction. It causes the instruments on the plane to go haywire, it shuts down part, if not all of the plane’s operating system, and sometimes even turns off the engines. Remember that aircraft are in the air so they cannot be grounded. Because it is moving at a high speed through the atmosphere, it is building static energy around the fuselage. This may also play a part in what is going on. Could the aircraft be acting as a catalyst and attracting a discharge of power?


Some of the early spikes were having their effect just off Nantucket where the first unexplained disasters occurred. Now they seem to be happening all over the planet. There are enough spikes that more and more aircraft are colliding with them.


Notice that a lot of these crashes are said to be occurring during storms. Are people seeing flashes of lightning when the plane is hit? Think what a super power surge could do to a solid state aircraft. It could fry the wiring shutting down the engines, radios and lights. The aircraft might just shut off and fall helplessly to the ground while the pilots try frantically to get the engines started again.


It may no longer be safe to fly.

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