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Aaron Today: The Relevance Of Prophecy And Human Survival


By James Donahue

Aug. 14, 2005


Psychic Aaron C. Donahue today will be talking more about future events beyond the death of Mabus, including the preparation of Luciferians for surviving the looming plagues.


Donahue last week amazed listeners to his Voice of Lucifer Internet radio show with his precise prophecy that the fate of Saddam Hussein would be known on Aug. 8. He made this prediction during a radio broadcast on June 5. A judge hearing the first of a long list of cases against Hussein was quoted on Fox News on Aug. 8 that the first trial will be heard in about two months and after that Hussein will be either shot or hung.


A second prediction by Donahue, that the U.S. astronauts on the shuttle Discovery would come home safely, proved true on Tuesday when the shuttle touched down safely in California. There had been media hype about troubles aboard the aging space craft, and one remote viewer publicly suggested on Coast-to-Coast Radio that the shuttle might crash.


Donahue also will be talking today about “the true essence of time and why we must now collectively wake up or perish.”


Of this he writes on his web blog: “As many are now becoming aware of (my) ability to foresee a future event through a number of public and private demonstrations . . . global exponential change presents a challenge to the traditional means of prediction based upon historical sources of information.


“Now is the time for relevant information concerning a most precarious future in which human extinction becomes inevitable,” he warns.


Donahue also will be promoting the first of a series of low-cost books and tapes. He is rushing to complete a booklet concerning practical immunity to ward off the H5N1 virus and other dire diseases that he says will be sweeping the world following the death of Saddam, also identified by Nostradamus as “Mabus.”


He also wants to talk about plans and proposals to open Luciferian temples and may be asking supporters to consider investing in them.


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