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The Mother Earth Is Communicating; Are You Listening?


By James Donahue

Aug. 7, 2005


How much worse must it get before political leaders stop bickering and going to war over the small stuff and realize what danger we all are in?


The Mother Earth . . . our great mother from where we sprang and who provides our daily needs . . . is in her death throes. She is crying out for help.


That 2004 earthquake measuring 9.3 on the Richter scale that sent a killer tsunami that swept the Indian Ocean and beyond killing over 240,000 people was like a shot across the bow. It was only the beginning of her dying anguish and it did not happen by accident.


The great heat waves sweeping Europe last year and the United States this year, leaving hundreds dead, are not going away. They will return each summer with greater intensity.


The annual monsoons struck India last month with a one-day rain that dumped 37 inches of water on Bombay, causing massive mudslides and flooding and leaving over 500 people dead in its wake.


In china, where parts of the country are parched and turning to desert, other sections are experiencing extensive flooding that has killed 569 people and destroyed an estimated 505,000 homes in central, east and southern areas.


Terrible typhoons are already ravaging the coasts of China and Taiwan from the Pacific, while the heating Atlantic Ocean is generating what forecasters say may be a record number of hurricanes this summer.


The American West and Midwest are parched for lack of rain in a drought that is taking its toll in crops this season.


And scientists are alarmed at the number of dead fish and dead birds floating ashore on the coasts of all of the world’s oceans. The warming waters are causing changes in currents and killing the delicate plankton on the lower end of the world food chain. It appears that our oceans are dying quickly.


All of this means that the world food supply will be dwindling for both man and beast. It means that the starving refugees in the parched areas of central Africa, where the masses have been breeding faster than the land can produce food, will soon be joined by starving humans all over the world.


The day will soon come when only the rich will eat. The poor will starve because the price of the few remaining resources will be too costly. The grocery stores will no longer be stocked with junk foods. You will be lucky to find a loaf of good bread or a piece of cheese for a daily meal.


This is not a make-believe scenario. It is reality that is beginning to bite us all. The weather forecasters must stop assuring us every night that the heat and the storms are reciprocal; that everything is all right. By next year, they say, things will be back to normal. It is a lie.


Be assured. Because of what we have done to our environment; because of the greenhouse gasses from our fossil-burning factories and cars, because of all the trees that have been slashed, because of all the toxins we have spewed into our air, land and streams, nothing is going to be normal again.


Industrial leaders in the United States, China, India, Japan and Australia want you to think the status quo is normal, and that this problem of greenhouse gasses can be fixed by technological inventiveness. They want to continue business as usual, burning fossil fuels without reservation and even fighting over the shrinking world oil reserves because there is money still to be made.


That way of thinking must stop.


If we don’t halt this insanity and start pulling together to fix the disaster on our heads, the human race is rushing toward extinction.


Psychic Aaron C. Donahue warns that without some dramatic changes in the way we are doing our business, that extinction could happen within the lifetime of most people alive today.


Starving and choking to death is not a pleasant way to go. And after extinction comes the loss of our soul, which will be the second and most horrible death of all.



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