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Human Cells In Primates

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Can Scientists Accidentally Repeat Lucifer’s Creation?


By James Donahue

July 2005


Of course it was bound to happen. And the question was sure to be raised, even if contemporary science has not yet accepted Aaron C. Donahue’s report that Lucifer created man by manipulating the DNA of early Earth primates.


It seems that during their research on human DNA, and their attempts to use this knowledge to repair physical and mental problems in humans, scientists have been experimenting by inserting human stem cells in modern primates . . . chimps, orangutans, gorillas and all of the other varieties of monkeys that can be brought into the laboratory.


Perhaps because of Donahue’s work, someone in one of those laboratories has raised the question and the scientists now found themselves locked in a moral dilemma.


By inserting human stem cells into monkey brains, they ask, are we risking altering the brain of the animal enough that it will begin thinking like a human? And if this happens, is the animal no longer an animal, but a new species of thinking humanoid that must be given the same rights as a human being?


Egad, could we suddenly find ourselves in the garden with Lucifer and his friends, playing with the DNA of earth creatures, and like God in the Old Testament story of creation we declare: “Behold, the (ape) is become as one of us, to know good and evil. .”


Apparently this is not such a new idea. A report in Live Science noted that a panel of primatologists, stem cell researchers, lawyers and even philosophers has been debating the consequences of this new science for more than a year.


The general agreement is that such a shift in thought patterns in apes injected with human DNA would be unlikely, members “also felt strongly that the risk of doing so is real and too ethically important to ignore.”


They noted that during Alzheimer’s research, they are grafting human stem cells into a monkey brain in an effort to reinstate lost memory function. But in doing this, are they not inserting cellular memory from the human from whom the cells were taken? What effect would this have in the memory and total thought patterns of the ape?


Indeed, we know from human experience that the grafting of a heart, a liver, an eye, or any other part of one person’s body into the body of another human also transfers human cellular memory. People who receive these transplants find themselves adding some of the personality of the donor into their own thought patterns.


While the transfer of cellular memory from a human into an ape might create mental alterations in the animal, the question remains whether this change could be transferred to an offspring. Without some real solid genetic manipulation in at least one if not both of the parents, this probably cannot happen.


Psychic Aaron C. Donahue believes that it took continual genetic work over at least three generations of the primate before the desired effect was reached and the first human was created.


From the variety of different types of bones found of primates that once walked the Earth, there is evidence that the experimentation continued for a long period of time, with numerous failures, before there was some degree of success.


In other words, humans weren’t just “hatched” by the simple insertion of Luciferian DNA into our blood. There was some serious scientific research going on.


But the fact that science is thinking about the effect DNA implanting might have on the apes is evidence that the Luciferian story is, indeed, now rooted in the collective subconsciousness of mankind.


That in itself may indicate an important paradigm shift occurred while we weren’t looking.

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