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Aaron: Something Weird But Is It A Ghost?


By James Donahue

July 24, 2005


Aaron C. Donahue has new surprises for his radio guests in today’s Voice of Lucifer show. He has recorded on film the images and the sounds of strange entities in the dark dank basement rooms under his Victorian home.


One interesting frame appears on his website at Donahue will explain how this picture was taken and just what it is you are looking at in this strange photograph. Also expect to hear a few supernatural sounds as Aaron explains the ghost phenomena.


Aaron also will have a lot to say about last week’s show when listeners helped him temporarily stop and turn and tame a Category 5 typhoon as it was bearing down on Taiwan.


Donahue is going to once again invite Taiwan officials to contact him and accept his offer to defuse a looming attack by China and a subsequent war between China and the United States.


He will be talking about the war, the ecological disaster it will create for the entire world, and why Christians need to wake up and stop calling forth an apocalyptic future. He warns that a nuclear war such as the one he foresees in the near future will probably mean the death of our planet and the quick extinction of the human race.


Donahue also will have something to say about John Roberts, the man President Bush has nominated as his choice to fill a vacancy on the U. S. Supreme Court. How does Aaron see this man’s influence on women’s rights in America?


You won’t want to miss this important show beginning at 3 p.m. Pacific, 6 p.m. Eastern Time. Go to to hear it live. Most shows are held in archives but the important July 17 show, when Aaron turned the typhoon, is still waiting to be posted.



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