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So You Still Think Nothing’s Wrong With The Weather?


By James Donahue

July 19, 2005


As Hurricane Emily picks up steam from the heated waters of the Gulf for a second hit on Mexico, people of Taiwan and Mainland China are enduring the ravages of what is left of a major category five typhoon today.


These weather events are overriding news stories about the other peculiar weather going on around the world.


The terrible drought that has ravaged the Southwestern United States continues on relentlessly for yet another season as smokejumpers prepare for another ugly season of battling fires in super tender forests. They will be doing it this year without much help from state National Guardsmen, who are mostly off fighting America’s bloody war in Iraq.


Not only is the drought taking its toll, but this year the Southwest is taking some of the worst heat in memory. Temperatures are soaring high over the 100 degree mark, hitting a record 115 degrees Fahrenheit in Las Vegas. The heat is hitting high marks all across the Midwest.


Europe also is experiencing an abnormal drought this summer. The dryness is so bad in Southeast England that people are being asked not to water their lawns, flush their toilets any more than they absolutely have to, and conserve water any other way they can.


France is not only suffering drought, but the crops from Paris West to the Atlantic coast are being attacked by locusts. The London Observer said the locusts “are devouring everything from crops to window-box flowers.”


“At the beginning they seem small, insignificant insects but they grow very quickly,” one farmer is quoted as saying. “They eat everything that is green, leaving only stalks, and when they have finished they leave some kind of scent so the cattle do not want to graze on what is left.”


The news out of China and Africa is also bad. Drought ravages large areas of these parts of the world and there are constant reports of desertification of thousands of acres of once prime farmland.


This appears to be but the beginning of the impact of a dying planet that is overpopulated, polluted and out-resourced.


A panel of representatives from around the world prepared a troublesome report concerning the looming effects of global climate change because of the burning of fossil fuels prior to the G8 Summit in Scotland. Unfortunately, the United States had its own agenda on this issue and President George W. Bush succeeded in stonewalling this issue for another critical year.


The masses may be willing to keep their heads in the sand for a while yet, in an effort to ignore this problem and hope it goes away.


The truth is, the Earth is beginning to tell us in no uncertain terms that she is in serious trouble. The storms, the heat and the total melt-down occurring all over this planet is reaching extremes where even the controlled media can no longer ignore what is happening.  

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