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Aaron Today: World War III


By James Donahue

July 17, 2005


His agenda for today’s Internet Voice of Lucifer Show is ominously brief. It simply reads “World War III.”


In the comments that follow, Psychic Aaron C. Donahue adds but another line. He writes “A human killing tide approaches!”


That’s it.


Aaron is looking at events going on between Taiwan and China and the promise by President George W. Bush that he would send forces to protect Taiwan if China follows through with its threat to attack. (See Story Below: China Dragon Roars - Is Anybody Listening?)


He has warned the world over and over again for several years now that Bush would lead the United States into a war with China. Such a war will become global in scale and nuclear bombs will fall on both nations. In the end, China will win this war, Donahue said.


As the world’s best psychic and remote viewer, Aaron obviously is seeing something very ominous in the works just now. You will not want to miss today’s show and hear what he has to say about this and other important events occurring in the world at this time.


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