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Luciferian Call For Women Of All Races


By James Donahue

July 11, 2005


Luciferian spokesman Aaron C. Donahue and his sister, Jennifer Sharpe, issued a new call Sunday for young women from all over the world, from all races and all nationalities to seek a place among the Primary 11 women still being selected within the order.


Donahue said he wants the order to represent every race and creed, not just Caucasian people.


To date, only four of the eleven women have been selected, Donahue said. All are Caucasian. He said he wants to hold the rest of the spaces open to give a chance to women of other races to be represented.


He said he sees a young African woman that belongs in the order. He also is calling for a representative from China, the Inuits, and all other nationalities.


“My error was that I waited for these women to come to me. I have about 300 volunteers but they are all Caucasian. This is wonderful but I don’t want just one race of people,” he said.


“The Luciferian Order is for everybody,” Donahue said. “And we need diversity. There is no chosen race on this planet. We are all chosen. We are all children of Lucifer.”


He said he is looking for young women who are mentally, physically and spiritually clean, who are willing to come into the order and be taught the secrets of the Luciferian Order.


“They must be sound in mind and body,” Donahue said. “I want to make it clear that this is not a sexual thing. We are not looking for temple whores. If this is what you think we are doing, we want you to go away. This is not for you.”


Donahue said the Primary 11 will be trained to be the core of the spiritual organization. They will be schooled in great wisdom and knowledge.


“They will be the most powerful women in the world,” he said.


Sharpe said the woman’s role was always to stay at home, get to know herself, and to evolve spiritually. “The men were never supposed to interfere with this. The men were to come to the woman for information. She is his spiritual guide.”


Because of the interference of Christianity, however, this role has been confused, Sharpe said. “The woman has been suppressed. She has been prevented from doing her will.”


The Primary 11 will serve as the spiritual core of the Luciferian Order in this way, Donahue explained.


He said Sharpe will be the leader of the Primary 11.

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