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Deadly H5N1 Already Killing Man And Beast


By James Donahue

June 2005


The World Health Organization is warning about the development of that new strain of the Avian Influenza, identified as H5N1, that is now spreading like a cancer across the countries of the Far East.


There is good reason for the concern.


The virus is spreading to numerous other animals and humans, and appears to be mutating and getting more virulent with each passing day. And breakouts have been reported not only throughout China, but as far north as Korea and South to Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand. At least 54 humans have died from this disease to date. Some web sites are suggesting that as many as 120 have died in China this spring but that the numbers are being suppressed by the Chinese authorities.


Dr. Shigeru Omi, a regional director for WHO, said two recent outbreaks in remote areas of China are especially worrisome because they struck migratory waterfowl and domestic geese, birds that until now were fairly resistant to H5N1.


More than 13,000 geese were destroyed in Tacheng, in the Xinjiang region, after about 500 birds died of H5N1, according to a report from China’s Agriculture Ministry.


In late May, the Chinese government reported hundreds of bar-headed geese, gulls, ducks and cormorants were found dead on lake in the Qinghai region that lies on an important migratory route for these birds.


Another ominous report from India said about 40 white=backed vultures were reported dead in the Mahua vulture colony in the Bhavnagar District of Gujarat. This followed by a few days a mass death of birds in as many as 60 poultry farms in the same colony. India authorities report up to 150,000 poultry deaths from a highly infectious viral disease.


Biologists note that the bar headed geese from India pass over this area while migrating from the northern plains of India to Qinghai Lake in China.


A veterinarian in that same region of India reports that a strange disease also has broken out among cattle and sheep that he believes is the H5N1 virus. He disagrees with India authorities who are calling the disease Foot and Mouth Disease.


H5N1 was first identified as killing birds and humans in Hong Kong in 1997. At the time researchers said it was the first time an avian influenza virus was found to transmit directly from birds to humans. During that outbreak, 18 people were hospitalized and six of these died. There was a mass killing of about 1.5 million chickens in an effort to remove the source of this virus.


All remained quiet for a while. But in 1999, there was a second outbreak, this time identified as H9N2, that infected two children and believed to have been contacted by chickens. Both children recovered. This strain is still around, and was last known to have infected another Hong Kong child in 2003.


Yet another strain of avian flu, identified as H7N7, broke out in the Netherlands in 2003, striking an estimated 80 humans, with one of these, a veterinarian who treated an infected farm, dying.


The H5N1 virus also popped up again in 2003, this time hitting two members of a Hong Kong family that had traveled to China. One of these patients died, the record shows.


Suddenly this year H5N1 is in the news throughout the Far East. WHO identifies this outbreak as serious because efforts to contain its spread have not been successful.


Because the virus is mutating rapidly, it may be difficult if not impossible to develop an effective vaccine in time to head off a pandemic. 


Psychic Aaron C. Donahue has been predicting a viral cloud sweeping the world as early as next winter and killing a lot of people and animals. He said on his Internet radio show last week that he believes the H5N1 virus may be the cause of the world pandemic he has been envisioning for several years.


The killing tide caused by this virus is severe enough that Sixteenth Century psychic Nostrodamus spoke of it in one of his quatrains, Donahue says.


He wrote that there would be a "terrible undoing of both man and animal" after the death of Mabus. Donahue says he believes Mabus is Saddam Hussein, who is going on trial this year in Iraq for alleged "war crimes."


The only thing holding H5N1 back now is its inability to jump from human to human. The final mutation is almost certain, at this point. When that happens, this killer bug will be poised to strike us all.


Donahue says he sees extensive death once this disease begins sweeping the globe. The best protection will be for people to build their personal immune systems and get ready for it.



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