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Biotech Industry Celebrated When It Should Be Ashamed


By James Donahue

May 2005


An AP story said Biotech farmers this spring were “lauding” what they called a milestone for the industry, the planting of the billionth acre of biotech seed.


“Today, we have hit an amazing milestone,” said Tom West, vice president of biotechnology affairs for Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc. “Somewhere in the northern hemisphere, a farmer has planted the one billionth acre of seed containing biotech traits.”


In making his announcement at an Iowa press conference West said it was the opinion of his company that biotech crops “are one of the greatest technological advances in the history of agriculture.”


Stephen Howell, director of the Plant Sciences Institute at Iowa State University, said about 85 percent of the soybeans and 45 percent of corn planted in the United States in 2004 were biotech crops. He said farmers have adopted this new technology “much faster than anyone anticipated.”


In spite of the propaganda projected by the U. S. seed producers with the verbal support of the Cooperative Extension Service, the biotech, or genetically modified crops have been in the center of heated debate between environmentalists and the industry.


Most European countries have rejected GMO crops, although “confusion” in seed shipments gradually slipped the products onto European farms, in spite of farmer unwillingness to grow them.


US growers, caught up in corporate farming, had no trouble adjusting to the song of modified seeds that resist weeds, insects and disease without the assistance of chemicals. What they did not know, and probably don’t care to hear about even now, is what they have already done to the pre-biotic chemistry of our planet.


It has been discovered that mutated versions of these seeds are cross pollinating with their distant relatives in the wild. All grains, including corn, are grasses. Thus the GMO grains are infecting the natural grasses of the world.


Psychic viewer Aaron C. Donahue warns that the intrusion of genetically altered plants is affecting “on a molecular level the pre-biotic chemistry” of the planet. He believes the damage is so great that the Earth is no longer able to revive in the event of a major event that causes another mass extinction.


It was from this pre-biotic chemistry that all life on Earth sprang. And based upon evidence found in the geology of the planet, the life cycle has had to restart more than once because of past extinctions. Apparently the Earth had its own built-in emergency system for rekindling life once it got snuffed out.


But Donahue believes that GMO tampering and world-wide pollution from overpopulation and careless stewardship threatening all life on this planet. The altering of this important heart of the planet’s life cycle, the pre-biotic chemistry, is killing the Earth from the inside out. Once dead, all life on the planet is doomed. The next extinction will be permanent.



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