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Aaron: Important Message From The Future


By James Donahue


Imagine being a psychic who meets himself returning from the future to sound a warning about something important just around the corner.


That is what happened to Psychic Aaron C. Donahue this week. And he is going to tell us all about it when his show opens today within the next few minutes.


He says the message is about something that happens this year.


He calls that segment of his agenda today: “Communications with psychic Aaron C. Donahue from the year 2007.”


“It’s going to be a blockbuster show,” Donahue promises.


Other topics today should spark some interest as well. They include: The most successful human clone, the Ghandi data clarified, European youth and socialism.


Donahue and his sister, Jennifer Sharpe, also will talk about trilocation, the effect of being in two places at the same time after leaving the body.


They also expect to color us a picture of a future united world under one central government.


Of course, Evil Ariel is back with another tip for practical revenge. He promises that today’s gem, dealing with problems in public restrooms, will leave you laughing.


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