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Seeking Balance

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The Forces Of Good And Evil


By James Donahue

May 2005


I have heard it said that there is no such thing as either good or evil. Yet our society adheres to principles of both good and evil in the way that it conducts its business. The “evil” people among us are banned, arrested, jailed and sometimes executed for their behavior, while the good ones are promoted, placed in positions of leadership and honored.


For them the question is: who determines what behavior is good and bad? Some use the Old Testament’s commandments as a yardstick, but are they really “God’s word,” or were they generated by the Hebrew culture that existed at the time they were written?


Other cultures depend upon rules established by the elected or chosen leadership. In the United States, the elected legislators create laws of the land, often based upon the political wind spewing from their constituents. This does not necessarily mean that violation of these laws makes a person evil.


The Roman Catholic Church looks to the Pope, a man who assumes the role of liaison between man and God, as the supreme authority of law. If the Pope says it is wrong, for example, to use a contraceptive for sex, then this activity for Catholic followers becomes an evil act. Yet the unbridled population explosion among predominately Catholic nations now threatens to destroy the very planet on which we live. So do we label the Pope, who strictly follows the dogma of his church, evil?


What is true is that there is a dualism about our world. We occupy bodies with two eyes, two lungs, two kidneys, two arms, two legs, and two halves of a brain. We think of things in terms of dualism . . . up and down, right and wrong, clean and dirty, black and white. Thus we have the social condition, based upon the prevailing religious belief system, by which we label actions as either good or evil.


Through religious mythology we have developed the gods that represent good and evil. Paul Carus, in an essay on the history of the Devil, once wrote that “while the belief in good spirits tended toward the formation of the doctrine of Monotheism, the belief in evil spirits led naturally to the acceptance of a single supreme evil deity, conceived as embodying all that is bad, destructive and immoral.”


Thus we have invented a fictitious character that we know as the Devil, or Satan. While the good god lives in a lighted vaulted palace in the clouds where all is clean and holy, Satan is the prince of darkness. His home, according to Christian myth, is a fiery pit deep in the bowels of the Earth where all of the souls of sinners are sent after they leave this mortal existence.


It is society’s willingness to believe this fairy tale that has led to the downfall of mankind. It has created variations of religiosity all over the world, and in virtually every country. Where it exists, the masses are slaves to fear. Thus humans are controlled by an invisible spiritual influence that creates the concepts of good and evil.


We are misled in believing that certain acts are evil while others are good. But when things are out of kilter, we become confused when we desire to do that which is deemed to be evil, and finding it difficult to stay on the path of the righteous, or the “good.”


Could it be that the desire to use certain drugs to achieve a state of human consciousness is not wrong after all? Or that our will to have sex with the new acquaintance we are with at the moment is an evil act? These are not evil acts, but they can be perceived as evil if the law says they are evil.


What really exists in our universe is a need for balance. When extremes like the powerful “right wing” Bible-thumping government that presently exists in the United States take control, the nation becomes unbalanced. When things are out of balance, that which was once perceived as “good” can be redefined as “evil.”


This is the reason for dualism. Like a ship at sea, we must have balance to keep everything running on a smooth and even keel. When the cargo shifts, the ship tilts. And when the tilt becomes severe enough, the hull begins filling with water and the ship is in danger of sinking.


This is what the Hopi people in the Southwest mean when they use the word: Koyaanisqatsi. It means a life out of balance. The Hopi have been calling for years for another way of living. But theirs has been a voice in the wilderness. The leaders of the United States have not been listening.


One of psychic-philosopher Aaron C. Donahue’s favorite sayings is that “every time evil makes a turn, the result is always good.” What he means is that in the life of a person striving for balance, every act of resistance creates a reaction that helps bring balance.


So what about angelic and demonic realms that swirl about us? While we will not conclude that a spirit god lives in the clouds, or that its counterpart, Satan, exists in a burning fire pit called Hell, we do understand these spiritual forces. That is because when we open our third eye we see them.


Neither good nor bad, angelic and demonic spirits exist as a balance to one another. As Luciferians we perceive of the demonic spirits as friendly to our cause. That is because we share a cause that includes the survival of the planet and of ourselves. Since the demons depend upon this planet for their own survival, we find ourselves on the same side of this strange spiritual conflict.


The angelic spirits also are here to force us to use the full capacity of our marvelous brains. They create conflict so that we either evolve or perish. It is our choice. That the human race is on the verge of going into extinction means that the angelic forces have outwitted us. We foolishly submitted to angelic trickery without using our brains.


This does not make the angels bad. It merely means that we allowed ourselves to be deceived.


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