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Why Islamic Terrorists Will Successfully Hit America


By James Donahue

May 8, 2005


Psychic Aaron C. Donahue will lecture today on the spiritual mind of the Islamic terrorist and why he believes a terrorist campaign in the United States will be successful, in spite of excessive efforts to stop it.


The lecture can be heard on Internet RadioAaron beginning at 5 p.m. Eastern, 2 p.m. Pacific Time in the U. S. Tune in by going to


Donahue’s lecture today will not only look into the spiritual mind of the Islamic terrorist, but he will explain why the lack of true spiritualism in the United States, and the nation’s dependence on pure intellect, cannot stop the attacks.


A third topic for discussion today will be “judgment.”


Evil Ariel will be returning with yet another example of “practical revenge” for Luciferian listeners enduring a world filled with unnecessary noise and gasoline powered motor pollution.


Ariel will read a letter from an Australian listener who offers what Donahue calls a “hilarious solution” to “inconsiderate neighbors incessantly mowing their week-free toxic lawns.”


You won’t want to miss this important show.

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