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Scientists Say Humans Can Read Each Other’s Thoughts


By James Donahue

May, 2005


A recent report that a neuroscientist at University of California has discovered an area of the human brain that allows us to read the thoughts of others. It should be of no surprise.


We all have had the experience of knowing, without knowing why, that someone nearby is angry, infatuated or simply intensely interested in us. And there is the sensation of entering a room filled with angry people. One can sense the anger like a bolt of super-charged air as we enter the room.


There is such a thing as body language, of course. Entire books have been written about the subtle messages in the facial expressions, the movement of the eyes, the position of the hands, arms and legs, and the entire body during personal contacts with others.


Knowing this, we know that there still is something more involved in our daily communication with animals and our fellow humans.


I say animals because I know from personal experience with pets that we communicate with them through mental pictures. Just before sitting down to write this piece, I told a hungry cat, via mental pictures, to follow me into the kitchen where I had some tuna fish to give him. He trotted right along, not behind, but ahead of me, and stopped at the door to our refrigerator where the tuna fish was kept. The animal obviously read my thoughts.


Scientist Marco Iacoboni says we have something called mirror neurons in the premotor cortex of the brain that gives us this ability. “With mirror neurons we do not have to pretend, we practically are in another person’s mind,” he said.


Since their discovery, mirror neurons have been found to be linked to solving a lot of mysteries about the human brain, including the question of how children develop a theory of mind, or an understanding at a young age that others around them have minds similar to their own.


Indeed, as parents of four children, my wife and I were aware of the ability of children to read our minds. And my wife, a natural psychic, always seemed to know what was on the minds of our children. She had an uncanny awareness of also knowing when they were involved in some kind of mischief, even though she was not with them.


Our son, Aaron C. Donahue, has grown into adulthood with such advanced mental abilities, he can read thoughts of everyone around him. He has clearly demonstrated this ability by answering questions before they are asked, telling us the plot of a film we watched even though he didn’t see it, or finding something I have lost before I have the chance to ask about it.


Aaron says everybody should be able to do what he does, and communicate mentally rather than by voice. He maintains that the written and spoken words we utter are wasted energy; that all humans were meant to be telepaths. But our failure to develop both right and left brains to operate together and to their full potential, have hindered our mental and spiritual development.


It is easy for my wife and I to communicate telepathically. We have been together for some 44 years and have gotten so used to this kind of communication, we do it all of the time without really being aware of it.


The difficulty is tapping into the thoughts of others outside of our personal circle. I have had some successful experiments in this realm, however.


One day, while waiting in our car for my wife to get a few things in a grocery store, I used my time trying to read the minds of people passing by my car on their way to and from the store.


A young lady walked by and I picked up a clear picture of shopping carts. That perplexed me for a moment until I realized that she was a store employee assigned to go out into the parking lot to gather a number of carts left by customers.


Another man waiting in a vehicle parked next to mind gave me a clear image of himself going fishing. Later, on our way home, I passed him doing just that. He was standing along a stream, at the side of the road, with a fishing pole in hand.


I think some of us read minds regularly and fail to realize it.

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