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Aaron: Demonic Possession A Good Thing


By James Donahue

April 2, 2005


After a lifetime of hearing the Christian story about the evils of demonic possession, Luciferian spokesman Aaron C. Donahue is saying folks have it all wrong.


Demonic possession won’t harm us, and in fact, the demons will help us learn and evolve both mentally and spiritually, Donahue told his Internet radio audience Sunday.


The dangerous possession comes from angels, not the demons, he said.


Donahue said the new Luciferian Order that is being established will have temples where contemporary bands will offer live concerts featuring the 72 Tones of the Goetia. Each tone is, in essence, one of the 72 names that comprise the true name of Lucifer.


That name is a beautiful song that affects anyone that hears it, Donahue said. “Since hearing the tones I have had a never-ending song in my head that is so beautiful, it will haunt me forever,” he said.


“We are going to use this music to help program you to get closer to Lucifer,” he said. “The music will help you re-engineer your brain.”


He said all who attend the concerts will be entered by the demons as they listen to the music. “This alien put himself in us so we are all sons and daughters of Lucifer,” Donahue told his listeners. “As you hear the music, you will feel the demonic possession and it feels really good. You will be reminded of who you are and where you are in space and time.”


He said he knows that the Christians will make an issue out of this but they are wrong. “I recommend that you accept the demon and let it communicate through you. It is normal to allow these spiritual entities to phase through your body and communicate through your nervous system.”


Donahue said nobody with a demon in them will be in danger, or have their heads turn backwards and start speaking in strange voices, as depicted in Hollywood movies. “They will only assist you in your psychological and spiritual evolution.”


He said the dangerous spirits that possess humans are the angels. The angels, also aliens, have no love for the humans and use the body to do harm. They are even known to kill the host.


Donahue said he has been instructed to establish Luciferian temples all over the world and use them as meeting places and learning centers.


He predicted that Luciferianism is an order that will grow quickly and replace the four great world religions. “It will help unite governments, cultures and people. When it is known, the truth will be so simple everybody will understand it,” Donahue said.


As part of the movement, he said the Luciferians will soon be introducing a new calendar and a new timepiece that will help people know where they are in space and time.


Donahue said the old Georgian Calendar is outdated and inaccurate, and the 24-hour clocks serve to confuse and thus enslave humans in time.


“We are working out a new system of recording time that is based on your own natural body rhythm,” he said.


He said studies have shown that the natural human clock calls for a 25-hour day, rather than the 24-hour day that we presently live with.


“The profane world dominates you through numbers. But we want to deprogram you of time slavery,” Donahue said.

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