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Dreaming May Reflect Out-Of-Body Night Travels


By James Donahue

April 2, 2005


When people dream, they are usually having real visits and experiences in a spiritual world that exists outside of the human body, says psychic Aaron C. Donahue.


Donahue told his Internet radio listening audience Sunday that most people travel in the astral when they sleep and don’t know it. He said there are real dreams too, but these usually involve our minds dealing with personal problems or simply dumping information that is no longer needed in the vast warehouse of our brain.


“You need to exercise and train your mind to know the difference,” he said.


Donahue said there is a marvelous other world out of the body that is filled with the spirits of other people, also traveling around and enjoying social contact with one another.


This social involvement gets so close that often men and women get together for sex on the astral, he said.


He said there are no rules or religious morals in that realm, so the sexual experiences go on freely and unabashed, with total strangers involved in orgasmic pleasure with one another.


This is what is often happening when men wake up to a “wet dream” or in women’s cases, a nightly orgasm during sleep.


Donahue said training ourselves to become aware of our nightly travels, and enjoying them, is well worth the effort.


“We spend one-third of our lives sleeping. Don’t waste that time by losing consciousness,” he said. “I am trying to make everyone realize that what we do in the astral when out of the body is what we all want. We want to be free and unrestricted in the things we do.


“Everyone can do this,” he said.


Donahue said he has been consciously traveling while asleep for so many years it comes easy to him. But he knows that many of the people he meets out-of-the-body have no memory of what they do the next day when they awaken in their bodies.


Some people just enjoy the experience of flying and spend their time doing only this, never realizing that there are many more adventures to be had.


He said that when he goes to bed, he never lets his mind shut down. He exits the body by “falling” through the back of his head and then flying off. “It is as if we have a hole in the backs of our heads,” he explained.


Once out, Donahue said the natural tendency is to shoot straight upward. This frightens people the first time they have a conscious experience of leaving the body and they snap right back again.


“Don’t worry. You can get out. You just need to keep trying and not be concerned about leaving the body behind,” Donahue said.


He said there are all kinds of stories about a magic thread that links you to the body, and people worry about breaking this contact and never getting back. “This is nonsense,” he said. “You will get back.”


He said there is a strange twist to being out-of-the-body since we find ourselves consciously in two places at the same time. We are still in the body but traveling freely in the astral at the same time.


“It is like that old story about crossing the River Ganges,” he said. “After a lifetime of making the journey and reaching the other side, we find ourselves right back where we started.”


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