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Science Acknowledges Alien-Human Gene Link Possibility


By James Donahue

April 2005


Australian researchers suggest in an article that appears in a recent issue of the journal Astrobiology that alien genes may exist in some, if not all humans on Earth.


The story by Professor Paul Davies and Dr. Charles Lineweaver somewhat supports data presented by psychic viewer Aaron C. Donahue that humans are the result of genetic manipulation by an alien race that visited Earth thousands of years ago.


Donahue calls the manipulator Lucifer. He maintains that Lucifer is consequently the real progenitor of the human race. His insight, based upon data generated from a careful examination of human origins, is that the aliens manipulated the genes of humanoid animals, possibly a type of ape, and implanted alien DNA, thus creating the human race.


Davies and Lineweaver, however, don’t carry their theory as far as Donahue. They only suggest that the aliens may have arrived as “primitive microbes” that rode to Earth on a hail of meteors and giant asteroids during the Archaean bombardment some four billion years ago. Other microbial life forms may also have arrived on other objects that fell to the surface from space.


If these microbes co-existed among us, they probably are part of us as well, the scientists are saying.


The significance of the report is that these two men, obviously products of our close-minded scientific culture, are willing to acknowledge that life exists elsewhere in the universe, it could have traveled in space on asteroids and meteors projected from other parts of space, and it might have influenced the life forms that existed on Earth.


Beyond that, they are keeping their minds quite closed to any further “new” concepts. For them, it seems startling enough to propose that their might be (microbial) aliens existing among and even in us.


In the story, Davies suggested that some early switching of genetic material might have occurred between “our ancestors and the alien life forms” and that “it is conceivable that remnants of alternative biochemical systems have become incorporated in extant organisms.”


“We could imagine that there would have been a mingling of different types of life. There may have been some swapping and mixing around of components of separate genuses,” he said.


According to Donahue, the mixing was by intelligent design, and not by accident. He teaches that humans were placed on this planet as part of a complex information system that exists throughout the living universe.



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