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Real News You Can Use On Sunday’s Radio-Aaron


By James Donahue

March 19, 2005


Don’t miss Aaron C. Donahue’s next radio message Sunday, March 20, because it is going to be packed with important information for spiritual growth and an understanding of the real stories behind the news we get on our television screens.


Donahue, the spokesman for a new Luciferian spiritual movement, will be lecturing on his new Internet radio show at beginning at 2 p.m. Eastern, 11 a.m. Pacific.


His topics will include an explanation why he burned his discovery of a cure for AIDS, give some insight on the runaway global warming that scientists now warn is destroying our planet, and explain the strange and savage acts by an increasing number of humans in what Donahue calls “pre-extinction behavior patterns.”


Also marked for discussion are the following topics:


--Current human psychosexual conditions and the escalation of spiritual wars pre-empting a final world war.


--Current events and what is not being revealed about our future on a dying planet.


--Our final purpose of sex, love and partnership on a dying planet.


--Advice for the prospective Luciferian in a time of worldwide social institutional failure. This will include a report on the quickened failure of world economies.


--What we must know about death and how to prepare for it.


Donahue is expected to release important new predictions of future events gained through his ability to gain acquired non-historical information.


As a bonus, Donahue promises to discuss a first hand experience of “being in the presence of the extraterrestrial spirit called Asmodai, its evocation, and associated visual hallucinations; what Asmodai revealed (about) Lucifer, the angelic wars and the final hours of man.”


If he has time, Donahue said he would also speak on his experiences remote viewing impending extraterrestrial activity within our galaxy “and when we can expect further contact.”


All-in-all, it promises to be an exciting show that you will not want to miss. All of Aaron’s shows are posted in an archive for download, at no cost, within a brief time after each show concludes.

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