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Solving The Mystery Of The Human Soul


By James Donahue


Theologians and philosophers have debated for hundreds, if not thousands of years the existence and identification of the human soul.


That there is an argument at all can perhaps be blamed on the old Hebrew text in the Book of Genesis where we read: “the Lord God made man from the dust of the earth, breathing into him the breath of life: and man became a living soul.”


New Testament writers later warned that it is possible for us to lose the soul.


The questions then are: what is a soul? Is there a difference between a soul and the human spirit? Is there anything that makes us uniquely different from the animals that share this planet? How can we lose the soul?


Because of yet another verse in Genesis, humans have assumed that there is something superior about us. This verse says God proclaimed we shall “have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the air and over every living thing that moves upon the earth.”


Because of our ability to build, plan, organize and kill for no other reason than just the thrill of the hunt, we have not only taken dominion over the other living creatures, we have literally brought many species into extinction.


We have fished the seas, ravaged the wildlife and brought the birds down out of the skies with our weapons.


But were we given the right to do this? And who dared to put these words into an ancient book that Christians and Jews regard as sacred true text? Just because they believe a so-called author named Moses was inspired by a supreme power to write these words does not make them right. There is no proof that Moses even existed. We are victims of an elaborate angelic hoax.


If we go back into the original Hebrew text in Genesis, we discover something that might shock a few thinking religious zealots . . . if they dare consider it.


During the creation story, on the fifth day, the elohim (gods) created “nephesh hayyah” or living souls. This is a reference to all living creatures, not humans.


When the Yahveh (God) created the “ha-adam,” the text says he give him “nishmath hayyim (living breaths) and ha-adam became “nephesh hayyah,” or a living soul.


Is there a difference?


Over the years, the Christian and Hebrew scribes, while translating these verses, chose to make animals mere creatures and give man superiority over them. They also changed the elohim into a monotheistic god. Thus they altered the translations to deceive us to believe that a God-breathed soul is unique, and puts a spark of our creator in each of us.


And from this slight twist of hand has been constructed the belief that some humans, who live according to God’s standards, are chosen for an eternal life in a place called Heaven, while others are condemned to an eternity in Hell. This is the angelic-inspired fear-based control machine designed to enslave the masses.


And that, in a nutshell, is a description of religion.


Now back to the soul. We still have not answered the age-old question of just what it is, or if it even exists.


Surely there is something unique about humans that animals don’t seem to possess. But what is it? We have an awareness of death, but there is no proof that animals don’t share this. We can have empathy for others, but tests with animals have shown they too can empathize. We have emotions and it is obvious, especially among pet owners, that animals share these traits as well.


We have intelligence. Yet tests with dolphins and even the mysterious octapus have proven that these lovely creatures of the sea may be far more advanced intellectually than humans. Other creatures, like the grey African parrot, also have shown remarkable intellectual skills when put to the test.


But is this all not just the spirit? Once we die and our bones turn to dust with the bones of the animals, does our spirit live on? There is no proof that it does.


So what can we claim? We have bodies that allow us to construct, and we have used them to build empires. Animals can’t physically do this. And most importantly, we have the ability to communicate and keep records. Humans collectively are perhaps the most advanced communication system that ever existed, certainly on this planet. Everything that we think, write down, or dream goes into a database referred to as a collective unconsciousness.


It is possible that through us, the living universe is made aware of itself?


If we go back to those old Hebrew words of creation, notice the part of the verse that we have been overlooking. We were all created from the dust of the earth.


Our bodies, then, sprang from the Mother Earth. This is the spiritual part of what we are. Yet the soul, which we all share, also is part of the living planet. If the Earth dies, the soul also dies.


Humans are capable of possessing a soul, but they also are capable of losing the soul, even while their bodies continue to walk around alive on the planet. They lose their connection with the soul because they fail to love and connect with the Mother Earth.


It was Lucifer, who created humans by putting his DNA in the bodies of an earth born primate.


This is what makes us unique. We are children of both Lucifer and the Mother Earth. We live in bodies designed for this planet, but have DNA given to us by an alien race. We appear to have been created as an advanced information system.


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