Angels & Demons


Sallos The Fun Loving Crocodile

By James Donahue

The old ones thought of the demon Sallos, the Nineteenth Spirit of the Goetia, as a mighty warrior who fought to the death in any battle. Yet they also said he was a soldier who preferred eat, drink and love women instead of fight.

An old drawing of Sallos portrays him as a massive, bearded man in heavy armor, carrying a lance and riding a giant crocodile. Mathers says his talents are to cause men and women to love each other. 

From the early writings, it was clear that the masters did not fear this particular spirit.

The Cass City remote viewing session produced an interesting piece of information. Sallos appeared as the crocodile, not the man. The creature is crawling up and out of a blood red crown. 

The sigil for Sallos suggests that he takes the form of an animal with four legs.

In the drawing, a reptilian body appears slowly moving out of an inverted crown. It appears to coil out of its position within the crown in a serpentine manner.

A distinct odor of must and galangal is noted. A sense of peacefulness also was noticed.

Indeed, Sallos is a relatively docile spirit to encounter.

Seagrave wrote: "Sallos would rather drink and wench than fight and kill. Once in combat, though, he will not flee until all his enemies are dead."

Sallos is an earl who governs thirty legions of demons.