Angels & Demons

Spugliguel – Angel Of Spring


By James Donahue

The ruling angel of spring is said to be Spugliguel, although this spirit shares this positive and awakening season with the angel Milkiel, the so-called “ruling angel of spring and four other guardians of the season, Amatiel, Caracasa, Commissaras and Core.

The angels of the months, Machidiel who rules over March and Asmodel, the angel of April, share in the rituals of spring.

Thus we appear to have a choir of angels welcoming in this important season of new growth and flowering following the retreat of winter.

Spring is always a time of celebration around the world. It is a time for a fresh start, a time of renewal and rejuvenation. It is a time for planting not only seeds for a new harvest, but new ideas, creativity and communication.

Call upon these angels to assist in getting the inspiration and restoration needed to launch whatever projects one might have in mind for the season ahead.

Milkiel also is known as the angel of the Sun. The solar rays send us the very energy of the universe.

Spugliguel’s color is blood red and sometimes a rose pink. His symbol is the world.