Angels & Demons


The Angelic Cherubim Jophiel


By James Donahue


Legend has it that Jophiel is among the chiefs of the choir of Cherubim and trusted by God to guard the Tree of Life with a flaming sword to prevent humans from ever finding it.


As the story is told, it was Jophiel who drove Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden after they ate of the forbidden fruit.


This angel’s duties go beyond just standing guard at the Tree of Life, however. According to Jewish lore, he is a “prince of heaven” and caretaker of the seven heavens and the angelic choirs.


It is believed the Jophiel and the angel Zadkiel both assist the Archangel Michael in spiritual battle. In Aramaic incantations, Jophiel is considered among the archangels.


Ancient writings identify Jophiel as “the intelligence of Jupiter,” the ruler of Saturn, the “angel of September” and “a regent who cures stupidity in humans.”


Yofel identifies Jophiel as “a great prince who commands fifty three legions of angels.”


The name Jophiel means “beauty of god.” This angel’s colors are yellow and gold. It is said he is an angel of intelligence, and is drawn to schools, colleges and places where information is used to enhance spiritual growth and wisdom.