Angels & Demons


Cimejes; The Spirit Of Africa


By James Donahue 


There seems to be a true spirit watching over the Continent of Africa. He is Cimejes, a tall, black entity that looks like, and distinctly associates himself with the black skinned people of that part of the world.


When you examine the clothing he is wearing in a recent remote viewing drawing, the hat and long robe is typical of the garb seen on the backs of the tall black African men. Even his sigil has the shape of a large African animal, suggesting either a rhinoceros or elephant.


The old magicians knew of the association between Cimejes and Africa. They said he appears as a warrior riding a black horse. S. L. MacGregor Mathers wrote in 1904 that this spirit is “a great Marquis” with a “ruling over all spirits in parts of Africa.”


Classified as the Sixty-sixth in the line of Goetia Spirits, Cimejes is said to teach perfect grammar, logic   and rhetoric. It has the ability to find hidden treasures. He rules over 20 legions of “infernals,” or demonic spirits.